Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Carbon Composite Race Car Parts

Jet Edge recently water jet cut carbon composite parts for the University of Minnesota Gopher Motorsports Formula SAE Team.

We cut the material at 55,000 PSI with an abrasive waterjet, using a .010/.030 orifice/nozzle combination and 1/2 lb of garnet abrasive per minute.  We were being very cautious as the students did not have a lot of material to spare, so we cut it at 35 ipm, but we certainly could have cut the material faster.

Watch a video of the waterjet cutting in our test lab:

The carbon composite parts make up the spar support system of the front wing of the racecar. Other composite carbon parts will be bonded between frame members to increase rigidity.

We're very excited to help Gopher Motorsports build their car.  We look forward to cheering them on at the Formula SAE race at Michigan International Speedway.

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