Thursday, August 25, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Bananas with a Jet Edge

It's National Banana Split Day.  Hooray!

If you buy the ice cream, we'll bring the bananas!

We had some fun waterjet cutting bananas in the Jet Edge water jet test cutting lab.  The cut turned out great.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Downhole Cutting Pipes and Grouted Casing with Mobile Water Jet Cutter

Jet Edge's Pipe Cutter ID downhole water jet cutter makes it easy to cut pipes and grouted casing from the inside in one pass.

This portable water jet cutting system was designed especially for oilfield applications such as plug and abandon operations, but it can be used for other purposes that require cutting from the inside out, such as cutting pilings. See product specifications on

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Jet Edge Waterjets Help You Increase Productivity so You Can Enjoy More Relaxation Time

Happy National Relaxation Day!  It cruel that this wonderful holiday should land on a Monday this year, but we hope you can find some time today to enjoy a few moments of "Me Time" to just chill out and relax a bit.  You've certainly earned it.

If you're too busy to spare a few minutes for relaxation, it's time to take a look at your operations and invest in new manufacturing machinery that can help you take back your life.  Your time here on earth is precious.  Don't waste a single minute by putting up with unproductive equipment.

Jet Edge waterjet systems can help you increase productivity and get your life back.

If you're wasting hours grinding slag and HAZ away from your plasma cut parts, get those hours back by investing in a water jet system and say goodbye to slag forever.

If you're taking forever to cut metals with wire EDM, get yourself a waterjet and take back your time.

If you're tired of scraping away burnt edges off your laser cut parts, go for a Jet Edge and never scrape burnt parts again.

If you know your process is taking too long and there must be a better solution, contact Jet Edge today to discuss your water jet cutting application.  We've helped manufacturers around the world solve their toughest productivity problems and we'd love to help you too.

Get Your Life Back.  Get a Jet Edge.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Too Lazy to Shovel Your Water Jet Tank? Let Our Garnet Removal Systems Do the Work for You.

Shoveling out an abrasive waterjet tank is no fun, especially during the stifling heat of August.

Today happens to be National Lazy Day, so if you're feeling too lazy to pick up a shovel, let Jet Edge do the work for you with our amazing waterjet abrasive removal systems.

We offer two types of abrasive removal systems to remove the garnet from your waterjet tank.  Our traditional Waterjet Abrasive Removal System uses a sweeper nozzle system to keep the tank clean. Our Waterjet Cyclone Abrasive Removal System, on the other hand, sucks the water and abrasive out of your tank and sends the water back into the tank and the spent garnet into a bag for disposal or recycling.

While we hope you have a Jet Edge water jet cutting system, our abrasive removal systems work with any waterjet manufacturer's system.

Jet Edge's Waterjet Cyclone Abrasive Removal System at Work:

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Zucchini with a Jet Edge Water Jet System

I planted way too many zucchini this year, so I brought some in to cut on the waterjet in our test cutting lab.

As you can see, ultra-high pressure waterjet is an excellent way to cut zucchini and other produce.

Jet Edge can work with you to incorporate UHP waterjet technology into your commercial food processing systems.  Please give us a call today to discuss your custom waterjet cutting application.

Waterjet Cutting Zucchini Video:

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Totally Gnarly Water Jet Cutting Projects from Jet Edge Customers

Happy National Get Gnarly Day!  Jet Edge customers are doing the gnarliest things with their water jet cutting systems.

A lot of people will tell you that milling can't be done with a waterjet system, yet our friends at PIW Corporation, a fab shop in Illinois, sure seem to have figured it out.  Check out these "gnarly" waterjet etched glass and stone parts. Read more.

David Allen Company of Raleigh, North Carolina, has a  6'X12' Jet Edge High Rail Gantry waterjet cutting system.  On that great big machine, they water jet cut 1,200 intricate pieces of stone and stained glass for their conference room table.  See the white on the peacock's eye?  It's no bigger than the white of a thumbnail, but it was cut on that huge waterjet table.  Their secret to keeping the parts from falling in the 3' deep waterjet tank?  Coffee stir sticks. Read more.

Plasti-Fab, Inc. of Oregon didn't have room in their building for their huge Jet Edge waterjet system, so they installed it outside under an awning and fitted it with a pool cover and heater.  In this photo they are cutting 8,000 lb fiberglass parts with water jet. Read more.

If you're a waterjet shop in Southern California, you just have to cut skateboards!  Arro-Jet Engineering & Consulting cut these miniature novelty skate boards from laminated wood with a water only waterjet.  Read more.

How would you like to waterjet cut a big hole into a nuclear waste storage tank?  AK Services, a mobile waterjet contractor in Boston, traveled to the Hanford Site in Washington state to cut this 55" hole through 15 inches of concrete and rebar. Read story.

This water jet cut metal bed by fab shop PIW Corporation of Illinois has to be the gnarliest waterjet cutting project we have ever seen! Read more.

Just think of the gnarly projects you could take on if you had a Jet Edge waterjet system!  

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do More with Your Water Jet Cutting Machine

Your Jet Edge precision water jet cutting machine can do a lot more than just cut parts.

With the addition of a Jet Edge Robotic Waterjet Swivel or Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel, your waterjet can be quickly transformed into an incredibly powerful 55,000 psi (3800 bar) precision waterjet blasting machine.

Adding an affordable waterjet swivel can create a new source of revenue for your waterjet shop by allowing you to take in new types of work.

With a waterjet swivel, you can blast away paint and coatings, remove valuable material for reuse or recycling, scarify granite, texture surfaces, clean parts and much, much more.  All with the same machine that you waterjet cut parts on.

Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel

Jet Edge's Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel is an ultra high pressure (UHP) cleaning tool that is mounted to the Z axis of a waterjet motion system.  It allows UHP water up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar) to be supplied to a rotary manifold.  An electric motor rotates the rotary manifold with a drive belt. The rotating rotary manifold produces a cleaning pattern from multiple orifices. The Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel is capable of operating at varied speeds.

Pneumatic Robotic Waterjet Swivel

Jet Edge's Pneumatic Robotic Waterjet Swivel is an air driven rotary tool that can operate with UHP water up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar).  The pneumatic swivel includes a pneumatic motor, a rotary swivel, and a rotary swivel shaft with a belt causing the orifice manifold to rotate.  The rotary orifice manifold contains multiple orifices that are arranged to produce a spray pattern.

Cleaning an aircraft engine with waterjet.
Waterjet swivel in action scarifying granite.

This granite slab was scarified with UHP waterjet.

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