Thursday, September 15, 2016

What do Potatoes and Waterjets Have in Common? Versatility!

I challenge you to go on Twitter right now and do a search for #NationalPotatoMonth and NOT get distracted by all of the tempting photos of delectable potato dishes.

I went on for just a second to Tweet our spuddy greeting and caught myself drooling over some incredible looking twice baked potatoes from Big Daddy's Brew & Que in Glendale, Wisconsin. They looked so good, I almost made a run for the border! Then I discovered that they are all the way across the state, but right up the road from our good customer JACQUET Midwest in Racine.  Sooo...I might just pay them a visit in the very near future.

You just can't beat a good potato dish and fine barbecue.

Here in Minnesota, we love our potatoes.  You can't call yourself a Minnesotan if you don't include potatoes in at least one meal a day, and don't you dare say you've never had tater tot hot dish.

Growing up in a very large family, we ate potatoes daily and never got tired of them because they are so versatile.  My job was to peel the potatoes for my mother.  I started out with a safety peeler, but was so proud when I graduated to a paring knife.  I would have given anything to have had access to an ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine to peel and chop all the potatoes my mother set in front of me.

UHP waterjets work great for peeling and cutting potatoes because they never need sharpening or cleaning.  The mighty potato and our Jet Edge waterjets have one thing in common: versatility.  You might even say that waterjets are the potatoes of the machine tool industry  (okay, that's probably not going to be our new slogan.) A waterjet can cut virtually anything, and potatoes can be transformed into virtually anything... from delicious meals to top shelf vodka and akvavit, to adhesives, ethanol fuel and so much more.

Of course, here at Jet Edge, we can't get enough French fries...

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Perfect Water Jet Cut Bottle Opener for National Beer Lover's Day

Happy National Beer Lover's Day!

A true lover of beer would never be caught without a bottle opener on a day like today.  That would be worse than going fishing without bait.

Do you have a favorite bottle opener?  Mine is my trusty Jet Edge waterjet cut sample part that we cut for prospective customers at the big machine tool trade shows like FABTECH and IMTS.
I haven't found a bottle opener that works better than my Jet Edge opener.

Our waterjet test lab is working on this year's FABTECH bottle opener.  What will it be?  You'll have to stop by our booth to find out.  Bring beer!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

It's National Read a Book Day - Crack Open Your Water Jet Equipment Maintenance Manual

Happy National Read a Book Day!  What a great time for us to remind you of the importance of reading and referencing your Jet Edge water jet equipment manuals.

You're probably slow today with the holiday fast approaching, so why not crack open your Jet Edge water jet equipment manual and learn a few tips on how to safely and properly maintain and operate your Jet Edge water jet system and water jet pump.

Jet Edge water jet customers tell us they love our manuals, which are well-written by our experienced technical writer, who takes pride in making sure our manuals are kept up-to-date and are easy to read and understand.

Jet Edge Water Jet Equipment Manuals

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Jet Edge Waterjet Systems Proudly Supports Rotary International and the Rotary Club of St. Michael-Albertville.

Learn about Rotary's literacy efforts here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Stop Small Parts from Falling into Your Water Jet Tank

If you have ever needed to waterjet cut small parts, you know how challenging it can be to prevent them from falling into the waterjet tank.

Luckily, there are several ways to stop your parts from going for a swim.

Sticks - One of the oldest tricks in the book is to place small sticks in the kerf.  This puts pressure on the part so it doesn't fall in.  You can use toothpicks, coffee stir sticks or even shish kebab sticks.

waterjet cutting titanium
Place toothpicks in the kerf to keep small parts from falling in.
This material is sparking because it is titanium
and is so hard that the waterjet abrasive garnet sparks when it hits it.

Program in a small tab - Using your waterjet CAD/CAM/Nesting software, program in a small tab on the part so it remains slightly attached to its source material after it has been cut.  Once you remove the material, you can wiggle the part free and then grind away the tab.  This is what Jet Edge does at the FABTECH expo.

waterjet tabbing
Add a small tab to your program to hold waterjet parts in place.

Cut on Waterjet Bricks - If you cut a lot of small parts, it would be wise to invest in plastic waterjet bricks.  The brick's flat surface will prevent your parts from falling in the tank.  You can order water jet bricks from Jet Edge's water jet parts department.

Plastic bricks can prevent small parts from falling in your waterjet.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Prevent Fogging on the Back of Water Jet Cut Parts

Sometimes when you are water jet cutting parts, you will notice a foggy haze on the back of the finished parts.  Fortunately, this is very easy to prevent.

To prevent foggy bottoms on your water jet cut parts, simply place your work piece on a sheet of inexpensive sacrificial material.  Many shops use corrugated PVC sheets.  Plywood also will do the trick.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Bananas with a Jet Edge

It's National Banana Split Day.  Hooray!

If you buy the ice cream, we'll bring the bananas!

We had some fun waterjet cutting bananas in the Jet Edge water jet test cutting lab.  The cut turned out great.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Downhole Cutting Pipes and Grouted Casing with Mobile Water Jet Cutter

Jet Edge's Pipe Cutter ID downhole water jet cutter makes it easy to cut pipes and grouted casing from the inside in one pass.

This portable water jet cutting system was designed especially for oilfield applications such as plug and abandon operations, but it can be used for other purposes that require cutting from the inside out, such as cutting pilings. See product specifications on

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