Monday, December 12, 2016

Jet Edge's U.K. Distributor Aquablast Opens Water Jet Showroom, Training Facility

We have exciting news for our friends across the pond!

Our longtime U.K. distributor Aquablast Ltd. has just finished installing a new Jet Edge EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet cutting system at their headquarters in Beccles, Suffolk, and they are eager to show you its precision CNC cutting capabilities.

Capable of cutting sophisticated 3D parts and bevels up to 60° from virtually any material, Aquablast’s Jet Edge 1500x4000 mm (5’X13’) abrasive waterjet system is designed for 24/7 industrial use and maintains +/- 0.025mm  (0.001") linear positional accuracy over 300 mm (12") per axis and +/- 0.025mm (0.001") repeatability (bi-directional).

Aquablast has represented Jet Edge waterjets for more than 20 years and has extensive knowledge of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology and its countless applications.  In addition to representing Jet Edge, Aquablast also manufactures its own line of waterjetting equipment and carries a wide range of mobile waterjet systems and support products.  The company also offers precision waterjet cutting services, mobile waterjet cutting and surface preparation services, and safety training.

Aquablast is authorized to sell and service Jet Edge’s full product line in the U.K., including Jet Edge’s CE-marked 5-axis and 3-axis waterjet motion systems, its hydraulic intensifier and direct drive pumps, and portable cutting systems and water blasting equipment.  Jet Edge offers the widest range of waterjet pumps in the industry, from 36-280hp, in 2500 bar (36KSI), 4000 bar (60KSI) and 6200 bar (90KSI) models, electric and diesel.

If you'd like to visit Aquablast's new showroom and waterjet training facility, please give them a call today!

Find Out More

Jet Edge, Inc.,, +1-763-497-8700,
Aquablast Ltd.,, +44 (0) 1502 714143,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Water Jet Systems Ideal for Mining Operations

Jet Edge is helping mines around the world increase productivity with ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology.

Both Jet Edge precision waterjet cutting and mobile waterjet cutting product lines have applications in the mining industry. Precision CNC waterjets are used to cut parts for mine processing equipment, and mobile waterjets can be used for a wide range of field cutting applications, including cutting grouted casings.

Jet Edge's mining industry customers value Jet Edge equipment for its reliability and ease of maintenance and its heavy duty construction that can withstand years of use in harsh remote locations.

Jet Edge 5-Axis Water Jet System Helps DRC Copper Mine Double Productivity

A remote copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo insisted on a Jet Edge EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet system when it came time for them to buy their second water jet. They had powered their first waterjet with a Jet Edge X-Stream intensifier pump and were confident in the reliability of Jet Edge equipment. They knew they could depend on Jet Edge to get them waterjet parts quickly and on-time despite their incredibly remote location which is at least a three week’s drive from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Read More

Centura Oil Helps Uranium Mine Maximize Ore Recovery with Jet Edge-Powered Ultra-High Pressure Water Jet

When a uranium mine needed to extract hundreds of pipes and casings that were blocking millions of dollars’ worth of uranium ore, they called Jet Edge customer Centura Oil Inc. of Minnesota. 
Centura spent two and a half years deep underground cutting hundreds of pipes and casings of various diameters, many as small as 2” ID, and cutting off casings just below the surface casing to allow for the overcoring bit to be reduced so the entire string of pipe could be retrieved. To add to the challenge, the pipes had been installed at a 70° angle and Centura had to make the cuts sight unseen at distances as far as 300 feet. Read More

Jet Edge Waterjets Can Help Increase Productivity at Your Mining Operation

Contact us today at, +1 763-497-8700 or 1-800-538-3343.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What do Potatoes and Waterjets Have in Common? Versatility!

I challenge you to go on Twitter right now and do a search for #NationalPotatoMonth and NOT get distracted by all of the tempting photos of delectable potato dishes.

I went on for just a second to Tweet our spuddy greeting and caught myself drooling over some incredible looking twice baked potatoes from Big Daddy's Brew & Que in Glendale, Wisconsin. They looked so good, I almost made a run for the border! Then I discovered that they are all the way across the state, but right up the road from our good customer JACQUET Midwest in Racine.  Sooo...I might just pay them a visit in the very near future.

You just can't beat a good potato dish and fine barbecue.

Here in Minnesota, we love our potatoes.  You can't call yourself a Minnesotan if you don't include potatoes in at least one meal a day, and don't you dare say you've never had tater tot hot dish.

Growing up in a very large family, we ate potatoes daily and never got tired of them because they are so versatile.  My job was to peel the potatoes for my mother.  I started out with a safety peeler, but was so proud when I graduated to a paring knife.  I would have given anything to have had access to an ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine to peel and chop all the potatoes my mother set in front of me.

UHP waterjets work great for peeling and cutting potatoes because they never need sharpening or cleaning.  The mighty potato and our Jet Edge waterjets have one thing in common: versatility.  You might even say that waterjets are the potatoes of the machine tool industry  (okay, that's probably not going to be our new slogan.) A waterjet can cut virtually anything, and potatoes can be transformed into virtually anything... from delicious meals to top shelf vodka and akvavit, to adhesives, ethanol fuel and so much more.

Of course, here at Jet Edge, we can't get enough French fries...

Find out more about Jet Edge waterjets at

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Perfect Water Jet Cut Bottle Opener for National Beer Lover's Day

Happy National Beer Lover's Day!

A true lover of beer would never be caught without a bottle opener on a day like today.  That would be worse than going fishing without bait.

Do you have a favorite bottle opener?  Mine is my trusty Jet Edge waterjet cut sample part that we cut for prospective customers at the big machine tool trade shows like FABTECH and IMTS.
I haven't found a bottle opener that works better than my Jet Edge opener.

Our waterjet test lab is working on this year's FABTECH bottle opener.  What will it be?  You'll have to stop by our booth to find out.  Bring beer!

See Jet Edge's 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting Demonstrations at FABTECH

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Friday, September 2, 2016

It's National Read a Book Day - Crack Open Your Water Jet Equipment Maintenance Manual

Happy National Read a Book Day!  What a great time for us to remind you of the importance of reading and referencing your Jet Edge water jet equipment manuals.

You're probably slow today with the holiday fast approaching, so why not crack open your Jet Edge water jet equipment manual and learn a few tips on how to safely and properly maintain and operate your Jet Edge water jet system and water jet pump.

Jet Edge water jet customers tell us they love our manuals, which are well-written by our experienced technical writer, who takes pride in making sure our manuals are kept up-to-date and are easy to read and understand.

Jet Edge Water Jet Equipment Manuals

If you need to order a new Jet Edge manual, please contact our water jet parts department at or +1 763-497-8700.

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems Proudly Supports Rotary International and the Rotary Club of St. Michael-Albertville.

Learn about Rotary's literacy efforts here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Stop Small Parts from Falling into Your Water Jet Tank

If you have ever needed to waterjet cut small parts, you know how challenging it can be to prevent them from falling into the waterjet tank.

Luckily, there are several ways to stop your parts from going for a swim.

Sticks - One of the oldest tricks in the book is to place small sticks in the kerf.  This puts pressure on the part so it doesn't fall in.  You can use toothpicks, coffee stir sticks or even shish kebab sticks.

waterjet cutting titanium
Place toothpicks in the kerf to keep small parts from falling in.
This material is sparking because it is titanium
and is so hard that the waterjet abrasive garnet sparks when it hits it.

Program in a small tab - Using your waterjet CAD/CAM/Nesting software, program in a small tab on the part so it remains slightly attached to its source material after it has been cut.  Once you remove the material, you can wiggle the part free and then grind away the tab.  This is what Jet Edge does at the FABTECH expo.

waterjet tabbing
Add a small tab to your program to hold waterjet parts in place.

Cut on Waterjet Bricks - If you cut a lot of small parts, it would be wise to invest in plastic waterjet bricks.  The brick's flat surface will prevent your parts from falling in the tank.  You can order water jet bricks from Jet Edge's water jet parts department.

Plastic bricks can prevent small parts from falling in your waterjet.

Visit Jet Edge Waterjets at FABTECH

We'd love to meet you in person at FABTECH, Nov. 16-18 in Las Vegas.  If you need a free expo pass, please contact your Jet Edge waterjet representative.  See you there!

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Prevent Fogging on the Back of Water Jet Cut Parts

Sometimes when you are water jet cutting parts, you will notice a foggy haze on the back of the finished parts.  Fortunately, this is very easy to prevent.

To prevent foggy bottoms on your water jet cut parts, simply place your work piece on a sheet of inexpensive sacrificial material.  Many shops use corrugated PVC sheets.  Plywood also will do the trick.

Learn More About Water Jet Cutting

For more water jet cutting tips, visit and check out our waterjet learning library.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Bananas with a Jet Edge

It's National Banana Split Day.  Hooray!

If you buy the ice cream, we'll bring the bananas!

We had some fun waterjet cutting bananas in the Jet Edge water jet test cutting lab.  The cut turned out great.

Learn More About Water Jet Cutting 

Visit the Jet Edge Waterjet Learning Center

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Downhole Cutting Pipes and Grouted Casing with Mobile Water Jet Cutter

Jet Edge's Pipe Cutter ID downhole water jet cutter makes it easy to cut pipes and grouted casing from the inside in one pass.

This portable water jet cutting system was designed especially for oilfield applications such as plug and abandon operations, but it can be used for other purposes that require cutting from the inside out, such as cutting pilings. See product specifications on

Learn More About Jet Edge Mobile Water Jet Cutting Systems

> See Jet Edge's Mobile Waterjet Products
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Jet Edge Waterjets Help You Increase Productivity so You Can Enjoy More Relaxation Time

Happy National Relaxation Day!  It cruel that this wonderful holiday should land on a Monday this year, but we hope you can find some time today to enjoy a few moments of "Me Time" to just chill out and relax a bit.  You've certainly earned it.

If you're too busy to spare a few minutes for relaxation, it's time to take a look at your operations and invest in new manufacturing machinery that can help you take back your life.  Your time here on earth is precious.  Don't waste a single minute by putting up with unproductive equipment.

Jet Edge waterjet systems can help you increase productivity and get your life back.

If you're wasting hours grinding slag and HAZ away from your plasma cut parts, get those hours back by investing in a water jet system and say goodbye to slag forever.

If you're taking forever to cut metals with wire EDM, get yourself a waterjet and take back your time.

If you're tired of scraping away burnt edges off your laser cut parts, go for a Jet Edge and never scrape burnt parts again.

If you know your process is taking too long and there must be a better solution, contact Jet Edge today to discuss your water jet cutting application.  We've helped manufacturers around the world solve their toughest productivity problems and we'd love to help you too.

Get Your Life Back.  Get a Jet Edge.

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems
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See Jet Edge's EDGE X-5 5-Axis Waterjet System in Action at FABTECH!

Nov. 16-18, Las Vegas.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Too Lazy to Shovel Your Water Jet Tank? Let Our Garnet Removal Systems Do the Work for You.

Shoveling out an abrasive waterjet tank is no fun, especially during the stifling heat of August.

Today happens to be National Lazy Day, so if you're feeling too lazy to pick up a shovel, let Jet Edge do the work for you with our amazing waterjet abrasive removal systems.

We offer two types of abrasive removal systems to remove the garnet from your waterjet tank.  Our traditional Waterjet Abrasive Removal System uses a sweeper nozzle system to keep the tank clean. Our Waterjet Cyclone Abrasive Removal System, on the other hand, sucks the water and abrasive out of your tank and sends the water back into the tank and the spent garnet into a bag for disposal or recycling.

While we hope you have a Jet Edge water jet cutting system, our abrasive removal systems work with any waterjet manufacturer's system.

Jet Edge's Waterjet Cyclone Abrasive Removal System at Work:

Find Out More About Jet Edge Water Jet Abrasive Removal Systems
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Monday, August 8, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Zucchini with a Jet Edge Water Jet System

I planted way too many zucchini this year, so I brought some in to cut on the waterjet in our test cutting lab.

As you can see, ultra-high pressure waterjet is an excellent way to cut zucchini and other produce.

Jet Edge can work with you to incorporate UHP waterjet technology into your commercial food processing systems.  Please give us a call today to discuss your custom waterjet cutting application.

Waterjet Cutting Zucchini Video:

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Totally Gnarly Water Jet Cutting Projects from Jet Edge Customers

Happy National Get Gnarly Day!  Jet Edge customers are doing the gnarliest things with their water jet cutting systems.

A lot of people will tell you that milling can't be done with a waterjet system, yet our friends at PIW Corporation, a fab shop in Illinois, sure seem to have figured it out.  Check out these "gnarly" waterjet etched glass and stone parts. Read more.

David Allen Company of Raleigh, North Carolina, has a  6'X12' Jet Edge High Rail Gantry waterjet cutting system.  On that great big machine, they water jet cut 1,200 intricate pieces of stone and stained glass for their conference room table.  See the white on the peacock's eye?  It's no bigger than the white of a thumbnail, but it was cut on that huge waterjet table.  Their secret to keeping the parts from falling in the 3' deep waterjet tank?  Coffee stir sticks. Read more.

Plasti-Fab, Inc. of Oregon didn't have room in their building for their huge Jet Edge waterjet system, so they installed it outside under an awning and fitted it with a pool cover and heater.  In this photo they are cutting 8,000 lb fiberglass parts with water jet. Read more.

If you're a waterjet shop in Southern California, you just have to cut skateboards!  Arro-Jet Engineering & Consulting cut these miniature novelty skate boards from laminated wood with a water only waterjet.  Read more.

How would you like to waterjet cut a big hole into a nuclear waste storage tank?  AK Services, a mobile waterjet contractor in Boston, traveled to the Hanford Site in Washington state to cut this 55" hole through 15 inches of concrete and rebar. Read story.

This water jet cut metal bed by fab shop PIW Corporation of Illinois has to be the gnarliest waterjet cutting project we have ever seen! Read more.

Just think of the gnarly projects you could take on if you had a Jet Edge waterjet system!  

Find Out More About Jet Edge Waterjets

1-800-JET-EDGE (538-3343)
+1 763-497-8700

St. Michael, Minnesota, U.S.A.

See Jet Edge 5-axis Waterjet Cutting Demonstrations at FABTECH, Nov. 16-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do More with Your Water Jet Cutting Machine

Your Jet Edge precision water jet cutting machine can do a lot more than just cut parts.

With the addition of a Jet Edge Robotic Waterjet Swivel or Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel, your waterjet can be quickly transformed into an incredibly powerful 55,000 psi (3800 bar) precision waterjet blasting machine.

Adding an affordable waterjet swivel can create a new source of revenue for your waterjet shop by allowing you to take in new types of work.

With a waterjet swivel, you can blast away paint and coatings, remove valuable material for reuse or recycling, scarify granite, texture surfaces, clean parts and much, much more.  All with the same machine that you waterjet cut parts on.

Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel

Jet Edge's Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel is an ultra high pressure (UHP) cleaning tool that is mounted to the Z axis of a waterjet motion system.  It allows UHP water up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar) to be supplied to a rotary manifold.  An electric motor rotates the rotary manifold with a drive belt. The rotating rotary manifold produces a cleaning pattern from multiple orifices. The Electric Drive Waterjet Swivel is capable of operating at varied speeds.

Pneumatic Robotic Waterjet Swivel

Jet Edge's Pneumatic Robotic Waterjet Swivel is an air driven rotary tool that can operate with UHP water up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar).  The pneumatic swivel includes a pneumatic motor, a rotary swivel, and a rotary swivel shaft with a belt causing the orifice manifold to rotate.  The rotary orifice manifold contains multiple orifices that are arranged to produce a spray pattern.

Cleaning an aircraft engine with waterjet.
Waterjet swivel in action scarifying granite.

This granite slab was scarified with UHP waterjet.

Contact Jet Edge Waterjet Systems

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1-800-JET-EDGE (538-3343)
+1 763-497-8700

See Jet Edge Waterjets at FABTECH, Nov. 16-18, Las Vegas.  

Live 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting Demos.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's Time to Buy a Water Jet System

Summer is flying by, IMTS and FABTECH are right around the corner, and it's time to buy that water jet system to take advantage of this year's U.S. tax incentives for capital equipment.

If you're still torn between water jet and plasma or water jet and laser, let Jet Edge make a case for choosing a waterjet system.

Water jet is by far the most versatile piece of fabrication equipment you could ever buy for your shop. It cuts nearly any material, including reflective and non-conductive materials.  It cuts incredibly thick metals.  It has a very small kerf, allowing you to tightly nest parts to maximize material use.

A cold-cutting process, water jet cuts without HAZ or slag so you don't have to waste hours grinding away parts so you can weld them.

Water jet doesn't kick up a cloud of dust, making it great for cutting fiberglass, fiber cement and composite materials.

And if you don't like breathing in dust, then you certainly can't like breathing in noxious fumes and chromium smoke.  Waterjets cut without fumes and smoke, allowing you to breathe easy.

There are many, many more reasons to choose waterjet.  See our website to get the complete lowdown.

Of course, if you still can't decide, why not buy one of each?  Waterjet, lasers and plasma systems complement each other quite nicely in a fully equipped metal fabrication shop.

Jet Edge Water Jet Systems

Our sales staff can you decide if waterjet is the right tool for you.  Give us a call today to discuss your application.
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Monday, July 25, 2016

How Does a UHP Waterjet System Work?

With the fall machine tool trade show season right around the corner, we thought we'd spend the next few days answering a few of the basic questions folks new to waterjet usually have but might be reluctant to ask.

Let's start with the most basic.

How does a precision waterjet cutting system work?

Here's a brief explanation, but if you'd like more details, please see our Waterjet 101 page.

It all starts with ordinary tap water - the same stuff you drink and bathe in.  We then filter that water to remove hardness and impurities and get it to the correct pH, following our recommended water quality guidelines for water jet systems.  The water is then fed into a hydraulic intensifier pump.  Some of the water is used to cool the pump and some of the water is pressurized up to 75,000 psi within an intensifier assembly featuring a hydraulic-powered piston.

The ultra high pressure water (UHP) is then sent to the waterjet cutting head, where it is sent through a very small diameter jewel orifice that focuses it into a high velocity waterjet.  This water only waterjet cuts soft materials including food, foam, rubber, carpet and gasket materials.  In fact, a water only waterjet likely cut all of the carpet in your vehicle, the rubber mats at your gym and the baby carrots we all love to snack on.

Most water jet cutting applications are actually abrasive waterjet cutting applications.  An abrasive, typically garnet, is added to the waterjet, creating a powerful abrasivejet that can cut just about anything, from tool steel to modern composites and even super alloys.

Abrasivejets work just like sandpaper.  Finer grit abrasive can be used for a nice smooth finish, or coarser grit can be used for faster rough cutting applications.

< Learn More About Waterjets

Jet Edge is coming to FABTECH Nov. 16-18 in Las Vegas.  
We hope to see you there!

Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Too Hot to Shovel Your Water Jet Tank: Get a Jet Edge Abrasive Removal System

With temperatures soaring into the upper 90s this week in much of the U.S.A., this is no week to shovel the abrasive out of your water jet system tank.

Fortunately, Jet Edge has a solution to end that back breaking labor, and it's surprisingly affordable.
The Jet Edge Cyclone water jet abrasive removal system sucks up to 10 pounds of spent garnet out of your water jet tank in just one minute.  The Cyclone runs unattended and you can continue cutting while it works its magic.

Take your shovel back to the garden shed where it belongs.  Contact Jet Edge today to order a Cyclone Waterjet Abrasive Removal System.

Request Information About Jet Edge Cyclone Water Jet Abrasive Removal System
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Waterjet Chillers Keep Your Waterjet Pump Cool

We're having a heat wave in the Midwest and it's going to be downright nasty tomorrow in Minnesota with temperatures expected to break 100° F or 38° C with an 80 degree dew point.  

This hot weather is a great reminder to check the cooling system on your waterjet intensifier pump. Your waterjet pump needs a steady flow of cool water to keep it running properly.

If you don't have a Waterjet Chiller, you might want to give Jet Edge a call to get one installed on your waterjet system.

Waterjet chillers reduce the amount of water required to cool your water jet pump and help prolong component life.

An even better option is to install a Closed Loop Filtration System with a Waterjet Chiller.  This system cools and recycles your water so you don't have to dump it down the drain, lowering water and sewage costs.

Your Jet Edge representative can help you select the right cooling options for your waterjet system.

Learn More About Water Jet Chillers and Closed Loop Filtration Systems

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

You Deserve Exceptional Service from Your Water Jet Systems Manufacturer

One of the things I love best about Jet Edge is its unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.  It's a great joy to work alongside coworkers who truly care about our customers.

Customer service is deeply embedded into Jet Edge's culture.  It's not just something we give passing attention to in our mission, vision and values statement.  We live it and breathe it every day.

It's the reason Jet Edge waterjet systems customers keep coming back.  It's the reason they so frequently volunteer to participate in success stories and testimonials and are willing to give references and even invite prospective customers into their shops to see waterjet equipment.

But don't take our word for it, here's what our customers are saying:

Jet Edge Water Jet Systems
+1 763-497-8700

Monday, July 18, 2016

Jet Edge Waterjet Parts & Service Can Help You Get Out of the Dog House

Did your waterjet system go down and put you in the Dog House?

Jet Edge Waterjet Parts and Service can help!  Jet Edge offers 24/7 service 365 days a year.  We'll even come in on a holiday or after hours if necessary to get you the water jet parts you need when you need them.

Water Jet Parts with 99% On-Time Delivery

At Jet Edge we understand that when your waterjet system is down, you're not making any money. When you order water jet parts from Jet Edge, we ship them the same day unless you request otherwise or the parts are on back order.

Our genuine Jet Edge water jet parts are high quality and reasonably priced.

Water Jet Parts Easy to Order

Jet Edge makes it very easy for you to order waterjet parts.  Jet Edge customers can order water jet parts online at, by phone at 1-800-JET-EDGE (538-3343) or +1 763-497-8700 (7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST), and even by fax at +1 763-497-8702. To order parts after hours, please call our emergency cell phone at +1 612-963-0887.

Water Jet Service with 100% Customer Satisfaction

We take great pride in providing excellent service to our customers.  It's one of the reasons Jet Edge customers continually give us high marks in our customer satisfaction surveys.  If you need technical support, you can depend on Jet Edge.

Emergency Waterjet Parts & Service

Jet Edge's experienced waterjet technicians are available 24/7 to help you out of a bind.  If it's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., but you're in Canada, have no worries because you can always reach us on our emergency cell phone at +1 612-963-0887.

The Dog House is no place for you to be.  You deserve better.  Contact Jet Edge today and let us help you get back inside.

Learn More About Jet Edge Waterjets
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Jet Edge Offers Free UHP Water Jet Training for Life

Happy Give National Something Away Day!

Who doesn't like getting free stuff?  We know we certainly do!

At Jet Edge, one of the best things we give away for free is waterjet training for life.  As long as you own your Jet Edge waterjet system, you can send your employees to Jet Edge headquarters in St. Michael, Minnesota and we'll give them free training.  We offer free training every other month. Our next class is in September.

In addition to free training, participants are also treated to great free lunches.  Everyone gets a certificate upon completion.  Who doesn't like getting a certificate to show off?

We offer free training because we want our customers to be successful and happy.  If they learn how to properly maintain and operate their Jet Edge waterjet equipment, chances are they will be very happy.

Register for Free Waterjet Training

Learn more about our free water jet training and register for class at

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Does Your Water Jet System Measure Up?

Happy National Tape Measure Day from Jet Edge waterjets!

At Jet Edge, we're known for manufacturing high quality waterjets for heavy duty industrial CNC waterjet cutting and mobile water jet cutting operations.

We specialize in building HUGE precision CNC waterjet gantries that can process large plates, yet hold industry leading precision, accuracy and repeatability.

Jet Edge Waterjets Process HUGE Plates, Like This One at Arro Jet Engineering & Consulting in Camarillo, California:

Arro-Jet Engineering & Consulting uses Jet Edge waterjets to cut huge jet engine components for Boeing. They are for the leading edge of the fan case. The parts are cut from 14'X14' .145”, .300” and .450” aluminum plates at 55,000 psi. Find out more at or

Our Waterjet Machines at JACQUET are so HUGE You Could Swim Laps in them:

Our Mobile Water Jet Cutting Machines Cut HUGE Pipes and Storage Tanks:

How Thick Will Waterjet Cut?

waterjet cut tool steel
10 1/4" tool steel waterjet cut.

13' AR 500 water jet cut by Allright Tool Co.
Read Story in The Fabricator

cutting zinc with water jet

12" zinc cut with waterjet.

water jet cut gear

This huge steel gear was water jet cut.

AK Services cut 55" diameter hole through 15" of concrete and steel rebar
at the Hanford Site in Washington state.  Read more

Are You Ready to Buy a Water Jet System?

Give Jet Edge a call at 1-800-JET-EDGE.  We'd love to help you out!

Request Information

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Robots Waterjet Cut Carpet for Cars. When Will They Clean My House?

"You are obsessed with robots!" my husband declared, laughing as I said "I wish I had a robot to clean up this mess."

I've been wanting a robot ever since I moved out on my own and gained a real appreciation for my mother's impeccable housekeeping.  My mom followed behind her nine children with robotic precision in tiring (vs. tireless) pursuit of a clean home. Sure, she assigned us all cleaning chores, but no one can clean better and faster than Momma. She made it look easy, and sometimes even fun.  But I am certain that there were days when even she would have appreciated a robot of her own.

Robots have been used in manufacturing for decades.  At Jet Edge, we work with robotic integrators like Alliance Automation LLC to integrate ultra high pressure water jet cutting technology into robotic trimming cells. Robot waterjets are quite possibly buzzing away right now somewhere in Michigan water jet cutting carpet for your next car.

All I ask is that if a robot can be trained to precisely water jet parts for automotive applications, why can't it scrub the shower door?

Learn more about robotic waterjets.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Pineapple, Coconuts and Limes

It's been downright tropical in Minnesota lately, so last Friday we decided to water jet cut some tropical fruits in our water jet test cutting lab.

Our test lab never smelled so good.  The delicious smell of fresh cut pineapple, coconut and lime permeated the entire shop, and attracted some curious coworkers.  With the big shop fan blowing, and humidity hovering near 90%, it wasn't hard to imagine ourselves hanging out on a beach somewhere enjoying an umbrella drink.

It was 10 after five when we sliced the last lime.  By then we were all anxious to get home for the weekend so we could enjoy a pina colada or maybe a mojito out on our deck in beautiful Minnesota.

Do You Have a Waterjet Cutting Application?

Contact Jet Edge Waterjet Systems Today.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Saluting Another Great American Jet Edge Waterjet User: Gasket Manufacturer New England Die Cutting

At Jet Edge, we are celebrating our Great American customers this week in honor of the 4th of July holiday.

Today, we salute New England Die Cutting, a woman-owned gasket manufacturer that has grown from a small start up to a major player in its industry.  NEDC uses waterjets for a wide range of cutting applications, including dieless cutting, rapid prototyping and much more.

Read More

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

All Roads Lead to Jet Edge Waterjet Systems...Normally

Normally all roads lead to Jet Edge, but a doozy of a storm last night knocked down a main power transmission line that crossed every highway into St. Michael, Minnesota from the south, causing the closure of every highway to our factory from the south.  Fortunately, I-94 remained opened so those of us who live to the south of Jet Edge were able to get to work supporting our water jet systems customers through some creative navigating.

Jet Edge was spared from the storm's wrath, but many of our neighbors could be without power for days.  We're grateful that we weathered the storm, and we're especially thankful to the first responders and power company crews who are putting in a very long day today.

We tip our hat to the Wright County Sheriff's Department and Highway Department, as well as the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and Highway Department, City of St. Michael, Xcel Energy®, Wright-Hennepin Electric and everyone else who is working hard today to clean up after the storm. Thank you!

See photos of the storm damage here.

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Celebrating Great American Waterjet Shops - Illinois Family Waterjets Way to American Dream

At Jet Edge, we count among our customers many family-owned businesses that risked it all to venture out on their own to start up their own waterjet shops.

The Lee family of New Lenox, Illinois is just one of Jet Edge's many Great American success stories. They put everything on the line to start up JDA Aqua Cutting, one of the first water jet shops in the Chicago Land area.  Since then, they've grown their business and offer many other machining and fabricating services.

Read their Jet Edge success story.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pacific Ship Repair Waterjet Cuts Military-Grade Materials with Jet Edge Water Jet System

At Jet Edge, we're celebrating our Great American customers this week.  Today, we honor Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication, Inc. in San Diego, California.

PacShip uses a Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry water jet system to cut a wide range of military-use materials including high-strength armor plating, plastics, carbon fiber, rubber, copper, stainless steel and Kevlar.  They also water jet cut materials for commercial use, including ceramic tile.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's Paul Bunyan Day - Let's Go Up North and Meet Precision Waterjet Concepts!

Paul Bunyan Day is a Giant Day to be a Minnesotan!

We are so proud to make Jet Edge waterjet systems right here in Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes and home to that Giant Lumberjack and his trusty sidekick Babe the Blue Ox.

In honor of Paul Bunyan Day, let's head up north to Pequot Lakes, Minnesota to meet Jet Edge customer Precision Waterjet Concepts.  Precision Waterjet Concepts could have started their business anywhere, but they chose the beautiful Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota, one of Paul Bunyan's favorite stomping grounds.  They run one of the cleanest, most efficient 5-axis and 3-axis waterjet shops we have ever seen...and they heat their Northern Minnesota waterjet shop with hot water recycled from their waterjets!

Read Precision Waterjet Concepts Jet Edge Success Story.

This is just one of Precision Waterjet Concepts many waterjets.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Celebrating U.S. Jet Edge Waterjet Users

In honor of the upcoming Independence Day holiday, we're celebrating the Great American waterjet shops who use Jet Edge waterjet equipment.

Twelve Strike Bowling Services manufactures automated bowling scoring equipment in Long Beach, California.  When they decided to add a waterjet system, they chose Jet Edge because they wanted an American made waterjet system with closed loop water recycling.

Read Their Story...

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Water Jet Cutting Gaskets, Automotive Interiors, Terrazzo Graphics and Signs

It's National Week of Making!

Check out some of the amazing work our customers are doing with Jet Edge CNC waterjets:

Water jet cutting gaskets at AP Services.

Terrazzo graphics are water jet cut aluminum,
like this one from David Allen Company.

Allright Tool waterjet cut the Busch Stadium sign!

Automotive interiors are cut with robotic waterjets
like this one from Alliance Automation LLC.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Celebrating National Week of Making with Jet Edge Water Jet Systems

Jet Edge is proud to manufacturer precision CNC waterjet systems that help makers make.

We make our water jet systems in St. Michael, Minnesota, U.S.A., and sell them around the world to manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including automotive and aerospace, defense, food, stone and tile, and much more.

This week during National Week of Making, check our blog daily for a featured photo of a product made by a Jet Edge waterjet user.

The steering wheel in your car was likely manufactured using a water jet cut trim die manufactured by Trim Tool & Machine in Cleveland, Ohio, using a Jet Edge waterjet system.  Here is one being made:

Waterjet cutting a steering wheel trim die.

Read Trim Tool & Machine's Jet Edge success story.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems Says Hello Summer, Let's Go Racing at Arlington Raceway!

We met up with Dayton Robinson today for a photo shoot at Arlington Raceway in Arlington, Minnesota.

Her new car looks sharp with all that Jet Edge blue!

We're excited to sponsor Dayton again this year and wish her the best of luck!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Make a Statement on National Flip Flop Day with Cool Water Jet Cut Imprint Sandals

Happy National Flip Flop Day from Jet Edge!  If you're still wearing ordinary flip flops, make a statement and get some Sand Traxx changeable imprint sandals.

These fun flip flops let you leave messages in the sand, using changeable rubber letters that were cut with a Jet Edge water jet cutting system.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Machine Shops Increase Productivity, Diversify Capabilities with Jet Edge 5-axis Waterjets

Machines shops can increase their productivity and take in new types of work by installing a Jet Edge waterjet cutting system.

Here is a wonderful Jet Edge success story from Gulf Machine Shop in Lake Charles, Louisiana:

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Jet Edge precision waterjets are made with pride in St. Michael, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jet Edge Water Jet Systems Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Selecting a UHP waterjet system for your business is a big decision.  Before you make that huge capital purchase, be sure you are going with a waterjet systems manufacturer that you can trust.

Here's how Jet Edge Waterjet Systems will put a smile on your face:

  • Jet Edge manufactures quality industrial waterjets at our manufacturing facility in St. Michael, Minnesota, U.S.A.
  • Jet Edge waterjets are built for 24/7 industrial operation 365 days a year.  Sure, you can buy a lesser waterjet for less money, but if your business depends on up-time, you need a Jet Edge.
  • Jet Edge manufactures both the waterjet pump and waterjet systems.  Make only one call for parts, service and support.
  • Jet Edge is willing to customize our waterjet systems so you get exactly what you need.  We'll even sell our waterjet pumps separately and work with you to integrate UHP waterjet technology into other systems.
  • Jet Edge waterjet intensifier pumps lead the industry in performance and longevity.  We have customers whose water jet pumps have more than 68,000 hours on them.
  • Jet Edge offers free training for life at our headquarters in St. Michael, Minnesota.
  • Jet Edge Parts & Service department has a 100% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Jet Edge waterjet parts and service are available 24/7/365 days a year.  We have a 99% on-time delivery record for water jet parts.
  • Jet Edge will help you promote your waterjet cutting and blasting services for free.  Contact your Jet Edge sales representative for details.
Happy National Smile Power Day from Jet Edge!  Smile more and frown less by investing in a Jet Edge Waterjet System!

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems Customer Testimonial:

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