Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Stop Small Parts from Falling into Your Water Jet Tank

If you have ever needed to waterjet cut small parts, you know how challenging it can be to prevent them from falling into the waterjet tank.

Luckily, there are several ways to stop your parts from going for a swim.

Sticks - One of the oldest tricks in the book is to place small sticks in the kerf.  This puts pressure on the part so it doesn't fall in.  You can use toothpicks, coffee stir sticks or even shish kebab sticks.

waterjet cutting titanium
Place toothpicks in the kerf to keep small parts from falling in.
This material is sparking because it is titanium
and is so hard that the waterjet abrasive garnet sparks when it hits it.

Program in a small tab - Using your waterjet CAD/CAM/Nesting software, program in a small tab on the part so it remains slightly attached to its source material after it has been cut.  Once you remove the material, you can wiggle the part free and then grind away the tab.  This is what Jet Edge does at the FABTECH expo.

waterjet tabbing
Add a small tab to your program to hold waterjet parts in place.

Cut on Waterjet Bricks - If you cut a lot of small parts, it would be wise to invest in plastic waterjet bricks.  The brick's flat surface will prevent your parts from falling in the tank.  You can order water jet bricks from Jet Edge's water jet parts department.

Plastic bricks can prevent small parts from falling in your waterjet.

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