Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Too Lazy to Shovel Your Water Jet Tank? Let Our Garnet Removal Systems Do the Work for You.

Shoveling out an abrasive waterjet tank is no fun, especially during the stifling heat of August.

Today happens to be National Lazy Day, so if you're feeling too lazy to pick up a shovel, let Jet Edge do the work for you with our amazing waterjet abrasive removal systems.

We offer two types of abrasive removal systems to remove the garnet from your waterjet tank.  Our traditional Waterjet Abrasive Removal System uses a sweeper nozzle system to keep the tank clean. Our Waterjet Cyclone Abrasive Removal System, on the other hand, sucks the water and abrasive out of your tank and sends the water back into the tank and the spent garnet into a bag for disposal or recycling.

While we hope you have a Jet Edge water jet cutting system, our abrasive removal systems work with any waterjet manufacturer's system.

Jet Edge's Waterjet Cyclone Abrasive Removal System at Work:

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