Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Robots Waterjet Cut Carpet for Cars. When Will They Clean My House?

"You are obsessed with robots!" my husband declared, laughing as I said "I wish I had a robot to clean up this mess."

I've been wanting a robot ever since I moved out on my own and gained a real appreciation for my mother's impeccable housekeeping.  My mom followed behind her nine children with robotic precision in tiring (vs. tireless) pursuit of a clean home. Sure, she assigned us all cleaning chores, but no one can clean better and faster than Momma. She made it look easy, and sometimes even fun.  But I am certain that there were days when even she would have appreciated a robot of her own.

Robots have been used in manufacturing for decades.  At Jet Edge, we work with robotic integrators like Alliance Automation LLC to integrate ultra high pressure water jet cutting technology into robotic trimming cells. Robot waterjets are quite possibly buzzing away right now somewhere in Michigan water jet cutting carpet for your next car.

All I ask is that if a robot can be trained to precisely water jet parts for automotive applications, why can't it scrub the shower door?

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