Friday, July 15, 2016

Jet Edge Offers Free UHP Water Jet Training for Life

Happy Give National Something Away Day!

Who doesn't like getting free stuff?  We know we certainly do!

At Jet Edge, one of the best things we give away for free is waterjet training for life.  As long as you own your Jet Edge waterjet system, you can send your employees to Jet Edge headquarters in St. Michael, Minnesota and we'll give them free training.  We offer free training every other month. Our next class is in September.

In addition to free training, participants are also treated to great free lunches.  Everyone gets a certificate upon completion.  Who doesn't like getting a certificate to show off?

We offer free training because we want our customers to be successful and happy.  If they learn how to properly maintain and operate their Jet Edge waterjet equipment, chances are they will be very happy.

Register for Free Waterjet Training

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