Friday, July 29, 2016

Totally Gnarly Water Jet Cutting Projects from Jet Edge Customers

Happy National Get Gnarly Day!  Jet Edge customers are doing the gnarliest things with their water jet cutting systems.

A lot of people will tell you that milling can't be done with a waterjet system, yet our friends at PIW Corporation, a fab shop in Illinois, sure seem to have figured it out.  Check out these "gnarly" waterjet etched glass and stone parts. Read more.

David Allen Company of Raleigh, North Carolina, has a  6'X12' Jet Edge High Rail Gantry waterjet cutting system.  On that great big machine, they water jet cut 1,200 intricate pieces of stone and stained glass for their conference room table.  See the white on the peacock's eye?  It's no bigger than the white of a thumbnail, but it was cut on that huge waterjet table.  Their secret to keeping the parts from falling in the 3' deep waterjet tank?  Coffee stir sticks. Read more.

Plasti-Fab, Inc. of Oregon didn't have room in their building for their huge Jet Edge waterjet system, so they installed it outside under an awning and fitted it with a pool cover and heater.  In this photo they are cutting 8,000 lb fiberglass parts with water jet. Read more.

If you're a waterjet shop in Southern California, you just have to cut skateboards!  Arro-Jet Engineering & Consulting cut these miniature novelty skate boards from laminated wood with a water only waterjet.  Read more.

How would you like to waterjet cut a big hole into a nuclear waste storage tank?  AK Services, a mobile waterjet contractor in Boston, traveled to the Hanford Site in Washington state to cut this 55" hole through 15 inches of concrete and rebar. Read story.

This water jet cut metal bed by fab shop PIW Corporation of Illinois has to be the gnarliest waterjet cutting project we have ever seen! Read more.

Just think of the gnarly projects you could take on if you had a Jet Edge waterjet system!  

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