Thursday, July 14, 2016

Does Your Water Jet System Measure Up?

Happy National Tape Measure Day from Jet Edge waterjets!

At Jet Edge, we're known for manufacturing high quality waterjets for heavy duty industrial CNC waterjet cutting and mobile water jet cutting operations.

We specialize in building HUGE precision CNC waterjet gantries that can process large plates, yet hold industry leading precision, accuracy and repeatability.

Jet Edge Waterjets Process HUGE Plates, Like This One at Arro Jet Engineering & Consulting in Camarillo, California:

Arro-Jet Engineering & Consulting uses Jet Edge waterjets to cut huge jet engine components for Boeing. They are for the leading edge of the fan case. The parts are cut from 14'X14' .145”, .300” and .450” aluminum plates at 55,000 psi. Find out more at or

Our Waterjet Machines at JACQUET are so HUGE You Could Swim Laps in them:

Our Mobile Water Jet Cutting Machines Cut HUGE Pipes and Storage Tanks:

How Thick Will Waterjet Cut?

waterjet cut tool steel
10 1/4" tool steel waterjet cut.

13' AR 500 water jet cut by Allright Tool Co.
Read Story in The Fabricator

cutting zinc with water jet

12" zinc cut with waterjet.

water jet cut gear

This huge steel gear was water jet cut.

AK Services cut 55" diameter hole through 15" of concrete and steel rebar
at the Hanford Site in Washington state.  Read more

Are You Ready to Buy a Water Jet System?

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