Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jet Edge Salutes Small Waterjet Shops and Mobile Waterjet Contractors

In honor of National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, Jet Edge salutes the small waterjet shops and mobile waterjetting contractors who use our products around the world.

Laura and Jose of Arro-Jet.  Read Story.
Right now in an industrial park near you, a small water jet shop is busy making the things that make things happen - aircraft components, auto parts, trim dies, and everything in between. They are waterjet cutting just about every material you can think of, including steel, titanium, Inconel®, plastics, fiberglass, stone, tile, and glass to name a few.

Out in the oil fields and mines, mobile waterjet contractors are using waterjets to safely cold cut pipes and storage tanks, and to improve production in mines and wells.

And in shops you might drive by every day, OEM waterjet integrators are busy incorporating UHP waterjet technology into robotic waterjet cells, water slitting systems and water jet food processing lines.

Gary of JDA Aqua Cutting. Read Story
In your daily life, you use countless items that our customers helped make.  You walk across their terrazzo floors.  You grip a steering wheel that was cut by their trim die.  You fly safely home in an aircraft built with components they cut.  You gas up your car with fuel they helped produce, process and store.

Hats off to the waterjet shops and waterjet contractors who make things happen!

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