Monday, March 7, 2016

Waterjets Blast Away Rubber from Airport Runways, Remove Stripes from Highways, Clean Ship Decks

Waterjets make quick work out of the world's toughest cleaning applications.

They blast away rubber from airport runways, zip through layers of corrosion and old coatings on ship decks, and remove old highway stripes in the blink of an eye.

And unlike a sandblaster, they do all this hard work without kicking up tons of dust - making them ideal for sensitive marine environments, as well as a worker-friendly alternative to sandblasters.

Jet Edge's Ultra Deckblaster mows over the competition by combining waterjet blasting technology with the simplicity of a walk-behind lawnmower style design.  Instead of a blade, the Deckblaster features a spray bar with multiple waterjets that are pressurized to 55,000+ psi by a Jet Edge hydraulic intensifier pump.

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