Friday, March 18, 2016

Imprint Sandals with Water Jet Cut Rubber Characters

Make an impression with Sand Traxx imprint sandals.
Next week is Spring Break!  Time to throw on some shorts and sandals, kick back and soak in some sun!

Make a great impression at the beach with these stylish new imprint sandals from Sand Traxx Footwear.  These fabulous flip flops feature changeable water jet cut rubber characters that allow you to personalize your message.

The rubber characters are cut on a Jet Edge UHP waterjet.
The rubber characters on the Sand Traxx sandals are cut apart with a Jet Edge ultra high pressure waterjet, which cuts the rubber parts with a jet of water travelling faster than a bullet.

The imprint sandals are high quality leather!
Visit to learn how Jet Edge waterjets are helping Sand Traxx Footwear make an impression.

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