Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Water Jet Cutters - Here's Some Time Savers as We Spring Ahead

We love that extra hour of daylight that we get when we spring ahead for Daylight Savings Time, but losing an hour can be tough, especially when your water jet shop is busy keeping up with all those orders.

To help you make up for lost time, we've put together a few quick tips to maximize your waterjet system's productivity.

1. NEST Parts - Take advantage of your waterjet nesting software to nest parts as tightly as possible. This saves you time loading and unloading parts and it saves you material.  Talk to your Jet Edge representative to make sure you have the latest nesting software.

2. STACK Parts - Waterjets can cut through stacked layers of thin material in one pass.

3. Up Your UHP to 75,000 PSI - Jet Edge X-Stream-powered waterjet systems cut parts as much as 50% faster.  Ask your Jet Edge representative how you can upgrade your UHP pump to 75,000 psi.

4. Add Cutting Heads - Why settle for just one waterjet cutting head when you can have 12?

5. Maintain Your Waterjet Machine - Driving around on bald tires is a very bad idea, and so is neglecting waterjet system maintenance.  Follow the maintenance guidelines in your manual, and be sure to take advantage of Jet Edge's free customer waterjet training classes.

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