Friday, March 4, 2016

Waterjet vs Laser or Plasma

People frequently ask us, why should I go with a water jet system versus a laser or a plasma cutter?

Here's what we tell them...

Waterjets cut virtually any material.  The same machine can cut rubber, foam, steel, Inconel®, granite, titanium, zinc and much more.  You name it, waterjet can probably cut it.  There are very few materials that can't be cut with waterjet such as diamonds or tempered glass. See waterjet applications here.

Waterjets cut without heat.  They don't leave behind HAZ, slag or burnt edges.  Hold a waterjet cut part next to a plasma cut part or a laser cut part and you can see the difference for yourself.

Waterjets won't stink up your shop.  Who wants to spend the day breathing in nasty fumes?

Is waterjet right for your application?  Contact Jet Edge today and we would be happy to help you make that call.

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