Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Use Water Jet Nesting Software to Get the Most Parts Out of Material

Nobody likes to waste material, so when it comes to water jet cutting, it's a smart idea to invest in good water jet nesting software to squeeze every part you can out of each sheet.

We recently helped the Gopher Motorsports team save some money by tightly nesting their alloy steel race car parts before water jet cutting them on our Edge X-5 water jet machine.

These 0.09” alloy steel parts were cut at 55,000 psi with a 0.010/.030 orifice/nozzle combination using 0.5 pounds of garnet per minute. Cut speed was approximately 25 inches per minute.  The parts cut here include brake pedal mounting arms, throttle pedal mounts, and an assortment of frame tabs. Gopher Motorsports performed FEA analysis to validate the decision to use waterjet-cut pedal mounts instead of CNC’d parts.

The video speaks for itself.