Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Portable Water Jet Cutter Cuts Circles, Radiuses

Jet Edge introduces the Spyder Abrasivejet Radius and Circle Cutting System, a portable abrasive water jet cutting system designed for use in potentially hazardous environments.

The Spyder Abrasivejet Radius and Circle Cutting System can be set up on the side of tanks, small vessels and large diameter piping. It is held in place by vacuum cups and features a self-aligning centering pin for fast and reliable setup. Motion components are made from non-ferrous materials, and cutting head manipulators are powered by pneumatic motors, making the Spyder suitable for use in all environments. A master control panel allows operators to control the cutting head manipulators, direction, speed of travel, abrasive delivery and vacuum components from one location.

The Jet Edge Spyder Radius and Circle Cutting System is available in two sizes: 1” to 6.5” insider diameter/16” to 48” outside diameter and 3” to 12.5” inside diameter/27.5” to 56” outside diameter. The Spyder water jet cutting system is powered by Jet Edge’s 60,000 psi (4,100 bar) waterjet intensifier pumps, which are available in electric or diesel models up to 280HP.

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