Monday, September 20, 2010

Tips for Water Jet Cutting Glass

  • Reduce the risk of chipping by using a low-pressure pierce of approximately 10,000 psi.
  • Reduce low-pressure piercing time from two minutes to 10-15 seconds (depending on thickness) by cutting a tiny circle rather than leaving the jet fixed on one spot.
  • 120 grit garnet will produce the best edge quality. If speed is your priority and chipping not a concern, use 80 grit garnet
  • Cut at 75,000 psi to increase cut speed by 50-75% and improve edge quality.
  • Support glass on a sheet of 3/16” corrugated PVC rather than directly on the metal slats. This reduces the risk of chipping and fogging.
  • If your projects require you to frequently raise and lower pressure, install a patented Jet Edge Dual Pressure Valve to save time and prolong water jet pump component life.
  • Tempered glass cannot be cut with waterjet.
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