Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SigmaTek's Oct. 5-8 Productivity Seminar Series Open House Features Water Jet Technology Day

Jet Edge is presenting at SigmaTek's Productivity Seminar Series Open House, Oct. 5-8 in Cincinnati.

Friday, Oct. 8 will be completely dedicated to water jet cutting technology, and will include presentations from industry experts, including Jet Edge. Presentations include: SigmaNEST for Waterjet, Waterjet Automation, Advancements in Waterjet Cutting (Jet Edge), Garnet / Garnet Recovery and Intensifier Pumps.

How to Register
Admission to the event is free; you may attend the entire program or just the days that interest you. To register, call SigmaTek at 1-513-595-2023 or visit http://www.sigmanest.com./