Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Prevent Water Jet Abrasive Clogs

Here are some steps water jet operators can take to prevent abrasive clogs and clogged nozzles:

1. Use quality water jet abrasive from a reputable supplier.

2. Don't let debris get into the abrasive hopper when you fill it.  Even a tiny piece of packaging debris can clog your tubing. If you do get such a clog, check the elbow on the bottom of your bulk abrasive hopper and also your mini hopper.

3. Keep your abrasive dry.

3. Use the right orifice/nozzle combination. In general, the nozzle should be 3X larger than the orifice.

4. Use the proper size orifice for the abrasive grit you are using.

5. Maintain a proper standoff from the work surface to prevent the water flow from being blocked.

6. Replace worn orifices to prevent water from backing up into the mixing chamber.

7. And, of course, be sure to read and understand your waterjet manufacturer's manuals and take advantage of their training opportunities.

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