Friday, October 9, 2015

Water Jet or Abrasive Jet?

The term "water jet" is commonly used to describe both water-only waterjets and abrasive waterjets (abrasivejets).

Water only waterjet cutting YOXO® toys.
A pure UHP waterjet cuts soft materials with a powerful stream of water that has been pressurized up to 75,000 psi+ and forced through a tiny orifice.  Pure water only waterjets are used to cut foods such as bread, ham and carrots; as well as paper products, cardboard, carpet, foam, rubber and insulation.  They are frequently integrated into custom food processing systems, water slitting systems and shuttle systems.  Waterjets also are used like a pressure washer on steroids to blast away old coatings, paint and corrosion.

Abrasivejet cutting stainless steel at JACQUET Midwest.
When cutting hard material such as metal or stone, an abrasive (usually garnet) is added to the cutting stream, creating an abrasivejet that can cut precise parts from virtually any material, from granite, quartz and marble to difficult-to-machine super alloys such as Inconel®.  

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