Friday, June 3, 2016

Jet Edge Water Jet Systems Cut Donuts in a Jiffy

In the spirit of National Doughnut Day, aka National Donut Day, we water jet cut doughnuts with a Jet Edge waterjet cutting system.

Water jet cut doughnuts and coffee.
The waterjet did a fantastic job cutting the doughnuts, leaving a very clean edge and no crumbs.  You may think a water jet would get the donuts wet, but it travels so fast that the donuts were just fine.

As a comparison, we cut some doughnuts with a knife. The waterjet cut faster and better.  The knife-cut doughnuts were crumbly and not nearly as appealing as the water jet cut doughnuts.

Ultra High Pressure water jet is commonly used for commercial food cutting applications. Waterjet is sanitary, never needs sharpening or cleaning, and cuts without heat.

Jet Edge would love the opportunity to work with your company to integrate waterjets into your production equipment.

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The donuts on the left were cut with a knife.
The donuts on the right were cut with a Jet Edge waterjet.