Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jet Edge UHP Waterjets Eco-Friendly for Marine and Shipboard Use

Jet Edge may be 1,200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, but our UHP waterjet technology is helping our world's oceans by providing an eco-friendly cutting and blasting alternative for the world's marine and oil and gas industries.
Gyra Jet waterjetting lance.

We offer numerous UHP water jet products for marine and shipboard use, including hand-held waterjetting lances, portable Deckblasters and custom engineered UHP cleaning systems, as well as linear and pipe cutting abrasive jet cutters, and precision CNC waterjet equipment.  We even offer modular water jet intensifier pumps for use in tight spaces.

Jet Edge modular water jet intensifier pump.
Jet Edge UHP waterjetting equipment is an excellent alternative to sandblasting.  UHP waterjets quickly blast away coatings and corrosion on ship decks, hulls, and holds without creating nasty toxic dust that pollutes the oceans.

We're especially proud that we helped stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by working with our sister company Chukar Waterjet to rapidly develop an underwater waterjet system that successfully blasted away hydrates that were clogging a containment system 5,000 feet under water.

At Jet Edge, we're not afraid of a challenge.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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