Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Before You Buy a Water Jet System, It's a Good Idea to Visit the Manufacturer

You've decided to buy a water jet system to increase your productivity, banish HAZ and slag, and rid your shop of those nasty plasma fumes. What a great decision!

So now what?

You can check out the waterjet machines at FABTECH and visit some waterjet shops to see their systems, but you also should consider visiting your waterjet manufacturer and meeting the people who will build your machine and service your equipment.

Jet Edge would love to have you in for a visit to our manufacturing facility in St. Michael, MN, US.A  (that's right - U.S.A.!).  If you decide to buy a Jet Edge waterjet system, we'll even reimburse the cost of your flight up to $1,000 U.S.

Contact your regional Jet Edge representative today to set up a tour.

We hope to see you soon!  Here's a map to help you find your way: