Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Water Jet Abrasive Removal System Removes up to 10 Pounds of Garnet per Minute!

Chukar Waterjet, Inc., a leading supplier of waterjet parts for waterjet cutting and cleaning equipment, is pleased to introduce the Waterjet Cyclone waterjet abrasive removal system.

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Chukar’s Waterjet Cyclone abrasive removal system is a cyclonic garnet extraction machine that removes up to 10 pounds of garnet abrasive per minute from any waterjet cutting system. The system features a 1 yard hopper that requires only 25 square feet of floor space. It can be custom-sized for any waterjet tank.

The Waterjet Cyclone has numerous advantages. It is easy to set up and operate, can be operated while unattended, and requires no machine downtime to remove abrasive. The only moving parts that come in contact with the abrasive slurry are two check valves at the bottom of the pump. There are no expensive parts that have to be replaced due to abrasive wear. For more information about the Waterjet Cyclone abrasive removal system, visit or call 1-888-497-8749.

About Chukar Waterjet, Inc.
Chukar Waterjet, Inc. is a supplier of high quality parts for waterjet cutting and cleaning equipment. Chukar offers a complete line of waterjet replacement parts for Flow International, Omax, WSI, KMT/IR, and Jet Edge waterjets. Chukar Waterjet also provides prompt, high-quality waterjet fabrication services and cleaning applications, and is a leader in service for lease and rental of ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet mobile equipment.

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